That is what the neurosurgeons call it.

And that is the medical procedure – the surgery – I went through August 12th 2010. St Rose Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada.

One word describes it. Brutal. The pain excruciating – but- no cancer found.

Recovery is difficult, time consuming – and certainly no blows to the head, jarring of the body, basic ambulatory movement restricted. No lifting anything heavier than a milk carton. Severe pain negates thoughts – coordination, structure of personal thinking. Cause – this time – and this time is stressed – accidental slipping and fall. Six to eight weeks for pain relief alone.

Writing to this BLOG had to be interupted
. Writing will now commence again slowly – for readers keep emailing, asking, and inquiring – as to “THE CREW”.

“THE CREW” has had a pivotal role with the Loevy law suit initiation against Chicago and Illinois cops and FBI agents. The Loevy firm is spreading its legal tentacles across the Midwest and beyond. For cops are, as they are well aware- making instantaneous decisions – subject to political interpretation – against some very bad guys- every minute and everywhere. The firm can cherry pick -with a smile and dollar figure anticipated – and they can ballyhoo – all performed for their altruistic pursuit of civil rights and the constitution upheld.

After all Chicago is a world class city. Gets major press coverage -frequently national and international in daily scope. The Loevy firm fast preparation ability of suits continues as the high publicity trials are journaled notorious due to the major politicians involved, police management on and off the job and a U S Attorney named Fitzgerald. The law firm of Loevy & Loevy – Arthur being the titular head knows the magnificence of press coverage followed by well choreographed P R advertisements.

Who is “THE CREW” – their role? Their actions? Their involvement? And where are they now? What are they doing?

Bottom line. What is Arthur R. Loevy to “THE CREW” or should it be stated” THE CREW” of puppets to Arthur R Loevy?

“THE CREW” were the five police officers who came together to take over the administration of the Combined Counties Police Association when I announced my definite retirement after having struggled against the second onslaught of bladder cancer and another painful operation on January 3rd, 2000.

They comprised William Stutzman, Wheeling Illinois P D their titular leader, Michael Dwyer, Evergreen Park P D second in command, Solomon Smith, retired Maywood P D and CCPA staff member, Marty McGrath, Oak Lawn P D and Butch McGorcle, Burbank PD. Four were newly elected to union positions within the Combined Counties Police Association. They being StutzmanDwyer and McGrath holding Vice President Positions and Solomon Smith becoming CCPA Secretary Treasurer – McGorcle was in the wings with a promise from Stutzman and the guidance of Arthur R. Loevy to elevation of office when plotting developed on their timetable of perfidy.

They-“THE CREW” were all in alliance with Arthur R. Loevy who was surreptitiously pulling their strings. Loevy had more brains than the whole of “THE CREW” combined.

He had been summarily dismissed by me from employ with the Combined Counties Police Association but “THE CREW” saw otherwise. Saw it to their betterment- for financial opportunity to deal with Loevy – now a fledgling barrister under tutelage of his son. “THE CREW” – fully knowing of the police law suits that were to become the bread and butter of the then infant Loevy firm were underway.”The Crew” nourished them in their embryonic stages

Arthur Loevy remained behind the scenes, undercover, while orchestrating “THE CREW’S” moves as I attempted retirement entrance after forty years in law enforcement. Thirty two of those years as the founder of CCPA, the police union movement of the USA and the longest termed police union President in the nation.

Mr. Loevy and son Jon were starting their firm – Loevy & Loevy. Son Jon was suing a Chicago Police officer and Solomon Smith was coaching Loevy Sr as to how police officers react and think as it related to the strategy of the initial Loevy inspired suit. Smith had touted behind my back and against my directives, in his position as a CCPA staff member legal actions against the Village of Oak Lawn PD Chief of Police Jim Houk and one of his commanders Terry Voderer with Officer Marty McGrath a CCPA representative within that Department point man to the cause. Stutzman and Dwyer agreeing of the actions and briefing McGorcle of Burbank P D.

The show was on. The Chicago Police Department suit and the suit one might consider calling the legal extortion of the Village of Oak Lawn, Illinois. In that municipality Marty McGrath, Solomon Smith and Arthur R Loevy engineered a legal maneuver that represented Oak Lawn Patrolman Carlos Panthera who was not well thought of in that Department for his braggadocio of having been a member of street gangs.

Oak Lawn Village administration settled the Loevy & Loevy suit against the strong disagreement wishes of Chief Houk and Commander Voderer because it would cost more to defend than to settle. Panthera left Oak Lawn P D.

I opened this remembrance as to a most recent surgery – for surgery played a major role in my leaving my career – my profession – and the union founded.

On March 21st 2009 – 59 years of age -woke up in the morning – blood in urine. That afternoon in Rush Presbyterian North Shore Hospital, Skokie, Illinois.

Bladder cancer – immediate surgery. My doctor – my internist of many years – wonderful man – Arthur R. Loevy’s cousin. The curse of cancer was a life changer – two people immediately notified of the CCPA union staff – Arthur R. Loevy and Solomon Smith – and then – new to the scene elected – CCPA officers William Stutzman, Wheeling P D and Michael Dwyer, Evergreen Park P D. All requested I stay overseeing administration till a transition could be arranged. Out of responsibility to the membership and state of the union – continued on – in a “lame duck” position.

The first of many betrayals began – openly – it was Arthur R Loevy – point man. The man I viewed as my closest friend, my professor, advisor of over thirty one years and “THE CREW” – as I was to become to call them – was quickly aligning under Loevy behind the back coordination and surreptitious leadership.

Arthur R Loevy was far smarter than the whole crew combined. He did not lack for intelligence and political acumen. Both are his forte. Personal courage is not.

He was aware that I was becoming cognizant of untoward matters involving him. Nine days after cancer surgery – recovering – Arthur Loevy phoned my home and in his almost laughingly rhetorical way – his deliverance of words – his weapons of ability – tried to convince me that I did not have bladder cancer. His conduct – his presentation – most difficult to fathom – to believe occurring. He was to write it off, later as playful –joking, kidding banter.

He continued behind my back political treachery and betrayal of trust. Such betrayal is not easily recognizable – especially when orchestrated by a man of Loevy’s political union savvy.

January 30th 2000. Hit once again. Bladder cancer. Second surgical go round. Doctor, overseeing care – Arthur R. Loevy’s cousin. Announce to all elected CCPA union officers and staff that retirement will be of necessity – but commitments will be met.

Commitments and my word I have lived by all of life and know of no man – none – from youth, through military and police career – the entire journey – who can challenge that statement – true of my mind.

If one does not have their word – then one has little. One’s character is wanting. Lost, maybe never possessed. One might achieve wealth and title – but one’s word means more than all.

It is a class – one’s word -and if you don’t have it – no matter what else you have – doesn’t make much of a difference. If you have it you don’t need much of anything else.

Arthur R Loevy – who does not have the aforementioned – was sumararily dismissed – March 6th 2000.

Fired – from my staff. Personal meeting of he and I.

I was mad as hell at that difficult meeting. Mad enough to want to hit him for his untoward conduct, betrayal of trust and deceit- but told him if I did it would be as striking a woman – for anything physical or situations that would place him in harm’s way – was to be left to others. As mentioned – courage not his forte. Words – the convolution of words – for the pen is mightier than the sword- and he well knows that – the wielding of words alone – to serve whatever of his purposes – definitely is his forte.

They the Loevy & Loevy Firm continue to be on the attack – ambulance chasers of a different form. They are the police chaser firm with a few FBI agents of note thrown in. Too this very day at the Chicago, Illinois Kluczynski federal building and other venues outside Illinois and spreading nationally as the specious legal maneuvers are sought with highly played advertisements and staged press conferences.

And it must be noted that all the major politicians of Chicago and Illinois know Arthur Loevy from his personal union career and involvement with the Chicago Federation of Labor – but most of all for his participation with the Combined Counties Police Association as my consigliore for want of a better term? He lived many years under my imprimatur – but he was kept well in line. He only felt safe to attack- form a cabal with William Stutzman, Wheeling P D, Mike Dwyer Evergreen Park P D Solomon Smith, Maywood P D, and Marty McGrath Oak Lawn PD when I was well weakened with cancer.

My pal Arthur Loevy surmised and “THE CREW “did to – that my possible death was imminent.

Now knowing what I had come to know as to his quick to leave the International Secretary position with UNITE, formerly the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America , and his son initiating law suits against police officers I was totally disgusted and wracked with a sense of stupidity as to how I could be fooled so long.

The law firm of Loevy & Loevy was underway – but his dealing with “THE CREW” to control the affairs of a then still major, well known police union as I attempted to leave my career was also well underway.

A coup d’etat of power was well formed underhandedly. Loevy was the brain. Wanted the power therein and “THE CREW” were his foils. “THE CREW” served his purposes and he served theirs. A mutual seduction of “THE CREW” and the law degreed Mr. Loevy, so to speak.

Few can plot, twist, remake reality, conjure untoward possibilities, misrepresent fact, distort and outright lie as attorneys.A lifelong evaluation. Most in the law enforcement profession are well aware that members of the bar and the ethics they profess are fallacious at best. The financial moguls and the legal practitioners along with the politicians they align themselves with and many of whom they outright buy – control the power structure of the nation. The good of anyone- the people per se – is secondary to the self serving power control. They can even debate over what the word “is” is ala William Jefferson Clinton – a liar of enormous historic proportions – true to his Juris Doctorate.

So for the moment now – I retreat from the continuance of this sad tale of police -lawyer chicanery.

For I tire- body seeking rest, following doctors orders. For my body to rise up and get the ANTERIOR CERVICAL DISECTOMY WITH FUSION addressed to a wellness state. To sully forth as best a man of seventy one years can do – and heal.

Operations take their toll and I have seen more major ones than most. Thirteen major medical shots of memory and the periphery needles and numerous tests, therapy and ongoing checkups.

So this most factual remembrance will commence again. But at a future time.