William Stutzman

– Wheeling P D ( RET )

Solomon Smith

– Maywood P D ( RET )

Michael Dwyer

– Evergreen Park P D

Marty McGrath

– Oak Lawn P D

Butch McGorkle

– Burbank P D

These police officers played an active, a major role in the launching of the Loevy and Loevy law firm and three have an active participation with barrister Arthur Loevy . It all started in 1997 right up to the present. The review will be of interest.

Lieutenant William Stutzman, Wheeling P D and Officer Michael Dwyer, Evergreen Park P D were the leaders and use a Loevy prot�g� – Ron Willis -presently – as their front attorney in their Machiavellian maneuvers – as both of them are not too sharp – and definitely need a thinker. The officers comprising THE CREW have cost a lot of other police officers huge legal problems – but such does not weigh on their consciences.

THE CREW one has to realize are not too brilliant and Arthur Loevy is their brain – does their thinking, leads them, strategizes for them. He provides them free legal when it suits his purposes to accomplish his objectives in their names.

They are the front men in matters that serve Arthur Loevy’s nefarious purposes.

The whole story from when Mr. Loevy left his thirty eight year career as a union politician with the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America – International Secretary Treasurer mind you – under suspect- and then clandestine reasons – to law firm establishment is something else again – with foundation from THE CREW.

I have known Arthur Loevy since I was twenty-eight years of age � he was the same. Introduced to him by, Frank Furfaro, a most knowledgeable police officer under my command � most streetwise – from the Taylor and Bishop Italian neighborhood of Chicago. Frank�s brother in law, then in his seventies � was a business agent with the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Joint Board at Ashland and Van Buren Streets.


The union owned just about the whole block east of Ashland with a large headquarters office building on the northeast corner. Loevy was an attorney who had been groomed since youth to be a union politician when finishing law school. His uncle was the International Secretary of the union � the way-the future was paved for him � a union career � that ended abruptly and surreptitiously- but of his accord in 1998 after forty years of destined ascension.


Arthur Loevy achieved power in that union – International Secretary Treasurer – one of the two top men running the entire organization. A most powerful union.

He commuted to New York City, Union Square address headquarters building in “The Big Apple” from his downtown Chicago Park Newbury, 55 W Delaware condo building across from historic Bug House Square Park. Spent the work week there and then – for the weekend back to Chicago.

So knowing Arthur Loevy- quite closely- and once considering him to be my closest friend in life a cogent overview of the man and his legal activities will be rendered.

The involvement of � police officers well known to me. Two peripherally � they being Officers Marty McGrath of Oak Lawn P D and Butch McGorcle of Burbank P D. An overview of their questionable and self serving activities hand and hand with Mr. Loevy will also be rendered.

It was Monday January 5th 1998 when Art Loevy at his request joined the staff of the police union I led for over thirty-two years. He had a law degree but that was incidental to his executive role where he could come and go as he pleased and had total access to all records and financial information of the Combined Counties Police Association.

Law was something he had practiced very little of � very minor stuff over the years � several police and fire commission hearings and nothing more. His law degree then was but foundation to his Amalgamated Clothing Workers union ambitions and career. He was almost fearful of entering a court room � either federal or local. Avoided doing same – almost fright.

His son Jon who was about to start a law firm with his wife Danielle however was not and thusly the father had a point man and someone to tutor him as to law practice itself. The father while separating from his New York City quite worrisome entanglements had son Jon in September 1997 intermittently take over the important legal matters of CCPA.

The father oversaw and Jon did what the father could not do � legal in the trenches work.

The Loevy & Loevy legal corporation was underway and has probably made the family millionaires as of today. All this his happened after the father March 6th 2000 was summarily dismissed from my employ as CCPA President and founder – and any friendship. A friendship he had trashed, dishonored, taken advantage of and had so treacherously betrayed as sneakily as he could.

So Arthur Loevy was introduced with intimate contact of a police officer, his thinking, actions and career record when meeting John J Flood in 1968.

The beginning of a saga which in present day 2010 and for the last decade took a very ugly turn – with the developing of the Loevy law practice � then only son Jon with wife � as father was on my staff � was moving forth in 1998. The suing of the first law enforcement officers would unbeknownst to me commence shortly thereafter by son Jon in a case that was tossed to him by the erstwhile attorney and political candidate Al Hofeld.

I was in the embryonic stage of forming – building a new police association which was to become the true founding of law enforcement unionization in the United States.

Across the nation all police departments had some sort of organization � but those stating they were a union could be counted on one hand. Chicago Police had the Chicago Patrolmans Association, Confederation of Police and FOP � all in Daley I�s pocket and useless at best � detrimental to street cops at worst. The Illinois Police Association wandered around the state � also ineffective and downstate there was the Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association � more of the same.

I was about to change that and Arthur Loevy was my professor, a guiding hand as to – “your forming a union John” – its nature, structure, activity, labor relations objectives and history. As I look back over the years his was a friendship of accommodation to his interests. He had assured that there were no connections in his personal closet – his relationships.

Always he was to the side and beneath my leadership � but his opinions and college learned labor education was a directional foundation to my decisions.

Immediately I was cognizant � fully of mind – that; my endeavors were establishing a law enforcement union � an entity I would have probably been psychologically against due to a lacking of education as to the subject and its representative role in a free society.

So for forty-two years Arthur Loevy has been known quite personally to me. His nefarious actions and those of THE CREW have deeply affected my well being and peace of mind to this day.

He also has had a deleterious effect on the numerous police officers and federal agents his Loevy & Loevy firm has targeted – with the greenback in mind and probably � even – more important to him a psychological power over people – such as police officers and average citizens – that he considers his intellectual inferiors. He can use words and �the law� to make them sweat � like a mugger does with a gun � he does with words and the twisting of reality � but the end result is the same – it pays well.

And one should not think for a moment that the political power structure is not aware of the game nor complicit to the Loevy firm � just as THE CREW have been while holding his hand � fawning to him.