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Chicago’s West Side Mob Controlled Town
Cicero History of Corruption (IPSN version)
Cicero history of Corruption (Tribune version)

Chicago’s Mob Bosses through the 20th Century
Chicago Crime Commission Chart 1997

Betty Loren-Maltese on trial with Michael Spano, Sr

Betty Maltese, Cicero Town President
DOJ Press Release on June 15, 2001 racketeering indictment
Betty “Makeup” Fund to be further depleted 
Betty Loren-Maltese racketeering Indictment

Ernest Rocco Infelise
Trial Transcripts … Infelise Profile
Suburban Gambling Operation: The Good Ship Lollipop
Lollipop — Part I
Lollipop — Part II
Lollipop — Part III

Frank Maltese — 
His Crime Conviction — 1992
His Appointment as Cicero Assessor

Lou Marino, Convicted with Infelise

Ed “The Godfather” Vrdolyak,
Betty’s Strategist & Lawyer
Vrdolyak Linked to
 Silver Shovel — June 1997

Vrdolyak Ties to Wrong Man Murder Hit Man
Cops in the Wrong Man Murder Case
Vrdolyak’s Controversial History
Vrdolyak Represents Murdered Chicago Cop Mike Garner

Vince “Poppers” Iaccino III, Betty’s PR Man/Observer Publisher

Anthony “Ant-nee” Accardo — Cicero’s Building Commissioner
and Lawsuits alleging Ticket Sales Muscling, 
IPSN July 16, 1997

From the IPSN Newspaper Archives

Clean Up The Town, 1995 Article
New Mob Hierarchy Controls Cicero, 3/26/97
Cicero Targets Good Cops, 4/28/97
Cicero’s Favorite Kind of Cop, 5/18/97
John Di Maggio: Cicero’s New Top Cop? 6/4/97

Secy. of State George Ryan & Cicero, 6/4/97
Secretary of State George Ryan helped grease the skids to qualify
Frank “Baldy” Maltese for his old job as Cicero Assessor.

Movies, Mayhem & the Mob: Mob influence in the
Local Hollywood link — John Credidio/Cicero