HEREIU -- Report -- News Release

1998-09-22 — HEREIU — Report — News Release

Court-appointed monitor of nation’s largest
hotel and restaurant workers union issues report

NEWARK — The Court-appointed Monitor of the largest hotel and restaurant employees union in the U.S. has issued a report detailing his findings and recommendations for future improvements, according to U.S. Attorney Faith S. Hochberg.

In September 1995, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey filed a civil RICO lawsuit against the Washington, DC-based Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (“HEREIU”) and its General Executive Board. The Government simultaneously filed a Consent Decree, executed by U.S. District Judge Garrett E. Brown Jr.

The Decree’s purposes were to extinguish corruption and the organized crime influence from the HEREIU and its entities (including local unions nationwide) and to assure union democracy. The Court appointed a Monitor, Kurt W. Muellenberg, who was granted broad powers to, inter alia, investigate the HEREIU and its constituent entities, review and veto various HEREIU actions, bar persons from seeking elective office and discipline HEREIU officials and members.

The Monitor’s more than 80-page report, filed Sept. 14, 1998, with the U.S. District Court in Trenton, describes his activities from September 1995 until late August 1998.

The Government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael A. Chagares. Robert J. Rotatori, Esq., of Cleveland is defense counsel.


1998-09-22 — HEREIU
Report — News Release

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