Publishing information on the IPSN web site for the common good

The webmaster is willing to convert paper based information so it can be published on the internet as long as the information relates to law enforcement issues or organized crime matters . If you are a lawyer that has depositions, interrogatories, case files relating to organized crime matters, either fax a fine copy of the document to 773-409-1503 or send an electronic version by e-mail to james.mcgough@comcast.net. As a public service, he will convert the document so it can be published virtually identical to the original on the internet.

If you are connected somehow with the law enforcement community  i.e.  a judge, a prosecutor, court reporter, lawyer, law enforcement officer, etc. you are an officer of the court and a public servant. Do the public a service and publish information it needs to know to help root out and eliminate the pernicious influence of organized crime in society. If you have an electronic copy of a text file that documents and details organized crime matters, e-mail it in two minutes by inserting the file as an attachment.

If you need help, call 773-878-1002. Ask for Jim McGough.

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