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Many of the articles on this Web Site and that have been published in the Illinois Police & Sheriff’s News were written by the following writers:

Ray Hannania
Richard Lindberg

Jim McGough
Web Site Webmaster

News Articles from past issues of
the Illinois Police & Sheriff’s News

Archive Edition with pictures of Mobsters, Politicians, 
Cicero: “Windows to the World” Election of Betty Loren-Maltese Spring 1993

4 Part Series on Cook County Sheriff’s Police — 1994

A Police Department Held Hostage by Politics
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Chicago Outfit Gambling Crew
from 1995

City Treasurer Miriam Santos
Blasts Pension Fund Grab

IPSN April 28, 1997

Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Devine
Status Report IPSN Issue May 18, 1997

Southern Hate Crimes, IPSN Aug. 28, 1997

Profile of Ben Adamowski, IPSN Aug. 28, 1997
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