Las vegas casinos and past mob Ties

Aladdin Casino, Las Vegas. In the 1960s, it was controlled by the Detroit and St. Louis families of the mafia.

Circus Circus Casino. Anthony Spilotro often used the name Anthony Stuart, and had operated a Gift Shop in the Circus Circus hotel under that name. The concession cost him $70,000. Spilotro started his Vegas career at the Circus Circus Casino, using it as a base. In 1971, it was owned by Jay Sarno, who purchased it with a $43 million loan from the Central States Pension Fund of the Teamsters Union. Sarno was a former executive at Caesar’s Palace.

Desert Inn Casino. Opened in 1950, managed by Moe Dalitz and his Cleveland Mayfield Road Gang, including Morris Kleinman, Sam Tucker and Lou Rothkopf.

Dunes Casino. Opened in 1955, owned for many yeaqrs by Major Riddle, who was associated with the Chicago Outfit, and by mob attorney Morris Shenker. Shenker represented mobsters in St. Louis and Kansas City. Ray Patriarca of the New England mafia, also was a part owner.

Flamingo Hotel was opened Dec. 26, 1946, operated by Bugsey Siegel until he was killed by his New York mob pals in July 1947. Purchased by the Hilton Hotel Corporation in 1971, who had a consulting contract with Mob lawyer Sidney Korshak. (That association prevented the Hilton Hotels from opening a casino in Atlantic City.)

Riviera Casino. In the 1960s, it was licensed to Ross Miller and Bernie Nemerov. Miller was a Chicago bookmaker closely associated with the Outfit. His son became the governor of Nevada. Riviera executives were indicted in 1967 for skimming from the casino for the mob.

The Sands Casino in Las vegas. Doc Stacher, a New York mobster, owned it when it first opened, and it served as the home base for the Rat Pack (Sinatra, etc) Sinatra owned part of it in the 60s andit was purchased in 1967 by billionaire Howard Hughes, when it allegedly became “legitimate.”

Tropincana Hotel/Casino. Managed by Frank Costello and the front man there was Lou Lederer, who represented Chicago mobsters. Lederer was the man sent to scout out the Dominican Republican in 1963 for Sam Giancana.