Mob & rats & get a deal


By STEVE DUNLEAVY NY Post July 26, 2002
July 26, 2002 — IN SEPARATE federal cases in courtrooms mere feet from each other, two indescribable lowlifes – who collectively admitted to 23 murders – were revealed as rats yesterday.

On the 11th floor of the Manhattan federal court building, Jos� Reyes told the court how he made $7 million in the drug industry in Washington Heights and killed 21 human beings.

To cut a deal with the feds, he set up a fake hit on a so-called Gambino soldier and car dealer, who was not only spared a mobster’s death but, on last report, was breathing rather well.

The object of his rodent exercise was to help the feds pinch two goodfellas turned badfellas, Greg De Palma, and Sam “Fatman” Cagnina.

If crime pays, then one should look at Reyes dressed in gray sweats and Docksiders, sitting in a wheelchair courtesy of a bullet in the spine.

Meanwhile, in a federal courtroom before Lawrence McKenna, the jury was told of a mob crew inside the Di Cavalcante crime family, on which the hit series “The Sopranos” is based.

Wesley Paloscio (don’t know where he got the name Wesley from) is charged with conspiracy to murder.

His accuser is a gentleman with the ironic name Anthony Capo, who admitted to two homicides and 13 murder conspiracies.

He admitted to robberies, narcotics and assaults to defense attorney Joe Tacopina.

Reyes and Capo obviously could face the death penalty – but they’re playing kissy-face with the feds to go free and clear.

In short, the federal government should be involved, certainly, in matters of national security. But virtually hiring scum to get your case closed rather than doing police work, which the NYPD does all the time, is a disaster for justice.

Somebody has to stop it.