Police News


Police News

The following are stories on Police personalities, judges and police organizations, and suburban chapters of the CCPA, that have been published in recent issues of the IPSN Newspaper.

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AnchorPolice Profiles:

Judge William O’Neal Profile, IPSN Oct. 12, 1997

Crime Fighter Paul Davis Newey: Profile

Pete WacksRetired FBI Special Agent
Chicago Office — Mob/Labor Union Specialist

Emerald Society Honors John J. Flood — 1994
First Police Officer of the Year

Emerald Society Honors Peter Dignan — 1995

Emerald Society Honors Denis Walsh — 1997

The Frank Frank Pape Story

4 DOC Officers Fight to Clear Their Names
IPSN April 28, 1997

Eulogy for Bill Roemer, Mob Crime Fighter
By John J. Flood

Southern Hate Crimes, IPSN Aug. 28, 1997

Profile of Ben Adamowski, IPSN Aug. 28, 1997

AnchorPolice Associations:

Italian American Police Association Profile
3 Decades of Success, IPSN April 28, 1997

The German Police Association
IPSN July 16, 1997

Polish American Police Union — Stolot

AnchorMiscellaneous Police News

The Palatine Killings (IPSN 1996)

Does Anyone Really Know How Much
is in the Chicago Police Pension Fund?

IPSN July 16, 1997

John J. Flood: State Must Crack Down
on Campaign Finance Law Abuses — IPSN June 18, 1997

Maxwell Street Police Station Closes, IPSN, Sept. 22, 1997

Larry Foley Case: Did Justice Go Awry? Sept. 22, 1997

Judge Paul Foxgrover Profile, Sept. 22, 1997

AnchorPolice Unions

Evergreen Park Police CCPA Unit
EP’s Chief Evoy Forgets His Union Roots/August 10, 1977
With Arbitration, Even When You Win, You Lose/August 10, 1977
Evergreen Police Union — From the Archives– 1989

Chicago Police Pension Fund on Shaky Ground

Oak Lawn Police Union Chapter — 1991

Wheeling Police Union Sponsors DARE

Evanston Police Union History — 1990 Contract

Des Plaines Chief Gives Retiring Cop Something to Remember: August 28, 1997

Mike Garner Case Deserves Better: August 28, 1997

CHA Cops Turn to CCPA, IPSN Oct. 12, 1997