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  • 1998-05-20 — Hanley, Edward T. — Agreement — News Release

/usao/nj/news/1998press/1998press.html( Jul 31 1998)

  • 1998-05-20 — Hanley, Edward T. — Agreement — News Release

/usao/nj/news/1998press/ha0520_r.htm( May 20 1998)

  • 1998-05-20 — Hanley, Edward T. — Agreement — News Release
  • under which Edward T. Hanley resigned as head of the largest hotel and restaurant
  • Edward T. Hanley has been general president of the Washington-based Hotel
  • Brown Jr. in Trenton, Hanley agreed to announce his retirement on or before May
  • Hanley announced his retirement in a news release that was dated Monday, May
  • obligates Hanley to repay the HEREIU nearly $14,000 relating to his
  • insurance policy for Hanley;
  • bars Hanley from accepting any union compensation, except for vested
  • prohibits Hanley from seeking union reimbursement for legal fees; and
  • bars Hanley from further direct or indirect influence over the union’s affairs,
  • Hanley must also resign from a union pension fund, which includes union and
  • The Agreement was entered into between Hanley and Court-appointed HEREIU
  • Hanley’s resignation is another facet in sweeping federal investigations that began
  • The Agreement states that Hanley’s resignation and other actions do not constitute
  • an admission that any expenditure by Hanley was improper.
  • members including Hanley’s son, Thomas W. Hanley, HEREIU director and
  • The charges against Hanley’s son include allegations of embezzlement of union
  • Hanley, Chagares stated.
  • 1998-05-20 — Hanley, Edward T.

/usao/nj/news/1995press/nj63.txt.html( Sep 6 1995)

  • That case, United States v. Edward T. Hanley, et al., filed by

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