Salem, Terry

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Terry Salem
Las Vegas Mob Rat

Terry Salem

Specializes in cashing checks. Usually other peoples, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal mob writer John L. Smith. Said to have a proficiency at passing checks worth a fortune through banks and businesses.

Pal of the late Anthony “Tony the Ant” Spilotro, at one time Chicago’s mob overboss, Salem is a native of Detroit and is the nephew of mobbed-up gambler Freddie “The Pope” Salem and a cousin of Vegas mob knockaround Jack Salem.

From illegal gambling busts, Terry’s portfolio includes participation in the crew of Detroit gamblers ousted from the Viejas Mission Indian casino near San Diego when their veiled investments were uncovered.

Now a “Rat,” Salem’s testimony is sought against former District Judge Gerard Bongiovanni, indicted in 1996 on federal racketeering, wire fraud and conspiracy charges in connection with a public corruption and bribery porbe. Paul Dottore and strip show producer Jeff Kutash were also indicted with Judge Bongiovanni.

In 1994, Salem was implicated in a $175,000 bank fraud case involving a California businessman, now deceased. Caught milking the dead man’s fund, Salem became a government witness.

According to writer Smith, Salem has been busy collecting illegal gambling devices, fake IDs and stolen checks.