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Anchor The Structure of Organized Crime in Chicago according to Jack O’Rourke, ex FBI agent and acknowledged expert witness on organized crime. (1998) from the Laborers archive

Chicago Crime Commission Organized Crime Chart (1997)

Anthony “Joe Batters” Accardo(Deceased May 1992)
Biography of Tony Accardo
Accardo’s Cicero’s “Relative

Joey “Doves” Aiuppa(Deceased)

Harry “The Hook” Aleman
Personal plea for release pending trial, March 1990
Profile of Aleman
Convicted, Finally, Sept. 1997

Gus Alex

Joseph “The Builder” Andriacci

Donald “The Wizard of Odds” Angelini

Chicago’s Asian Street Gangs
IPSN August 10, 1977Anchor <

Robert “Gabeet” Bellavia
Post Trial Transcript with Infelise
Post Trial Transcript with Lou Marino.

Michael “Dumdum!” Biancofiore(Deceased)

Fat Herbie Blitzstein, (Murdered)
Blitzstein’s Last Words
Murder Indictments Returned

Louis Bombacino

Anchor <

Frank Calabrese
Calabrese Crew Nailed by Feds
Sweeping Indictments Returned 1995
Calabrese Street Crew Cops Plea — April 1997

Scarface Al Capone
Ties to the father of Butch O’Hare (O’Hare Airport fame)
Louis ShumwayThe Rat

Sam “Wings” Carlisi, (Deceased, Jan. 2, 1997)

Paul “Big Pauly” Castellano (Murdered, Dec. 16, 1985)
Brief Biography

Jackie “The Lackie” Cerone, (Deceased)

Michael Corbitt, Willow Springs Police Chief
How He Became a Mobster — LIUNA Testimony, August 1997

John Credidio

Salvatore “Solly” or “Pizza Guy” DeLaurentis
Post Trial Transcript
Post Trial Transcript with Lou Marino

Marco D’Amico
D’Amico profile

Sam “Mad Sam” DeStefano

James DiForti
Laborer Official Linked to 1988 Murder

John “No Nose” DiFronzo

Allan Dorfman

Anchor <

Ken “Tokyo Joe” Eto

“Frankie The X” Esposito (deceased)
Former Boss of Chicago Laborers 1001
His Relative Remembers/Laborers
His Grand Nephew’s Column, Aug. 10, 1997


John Fecarotta (Murdered, Sept. 14, 1986)
Murder info, profile

Joseph “Oscar” Ferriola(Deceased, March 11, 1989)
Links to Mob attorney Ed Vrdolyak

Ferriola’s Suburban Gambling Operation:
The Good Ship Lollipop: Part 1Part 2Part 3

AnchorCarlo Gambino (Deceased)

Sam “Momo” Giancana(Murdered, June 1975)
Involvement in the JFK Murder

John “The Dapper Don” Gotti
(See Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano)
John Gotti “Tribute” Web Page
U.S. vs. Gotti

The Greylord Case In Review


Jimmy Hoffa Jr. Versus Ron Carey
Carey Cracks Down on Mob — 1994
Carey Defeats Hoffa — 1996/97
Carey Victory Analyzed — 1997

Larry HooverGangster Disciples (jailed)
More Disciples Convicted, July 1997
New Convictions Returned May, 1997
Hoover’s Pyrimid Empire
His Gang Operations in Cook County
Ernest “Rocco” Infelise
Post Trial Transcript
Profile & Notes
Post Trial Transcript with Lou Marino
His Suburban Gambling Operation — Part 1Part 2Part 3

Angelo LaPietra

Joey “Lumpy” Lombardo (“the Clown)

Anchor <

Betty Loren-Maltese

Frank J. “Baldy” Maltese (Deceased, Oct. 1993)
Post Trial 
Cicero During Maltese reign, (1980-1993)
Cicero After Maltese (1993-1997)

Carlo Marcello
New Orleans Mob Boss

Ties to Santo Trafficante
Involvement in the JFK Murder

Louis Marino
Post Trial Transcript

Johnny “Apes” Monteleone
Links to Cicero (1996-97)
Profile of Monteleone
See Lou Marino or Infelise Post trial transcripts

AnchorAnchorAnchor  Back<

Dominick Palermo

Frank Panno


Lenny Patrick

Al Pilotto (Deceased)

Michael Posner


Lefty “Potzo” Rosenthal


Terry Salem (Las Vegas)
Brief Bio

Robert Salerno

Nicodemus “Nicky” Scarfo, Philadelphia/Atlantic City Mob
His Rise to Power
U.S. vs. Scarfo

Gerald Scarpelli (Deceased-suicide)

Frank “The German” Schweihs
Hit Stopped by John J. Flood

Vince Solano

Paul Spano
Post Trial Transcript

Anthony “The Ant” Spilotro, (Deceased, June 1986)
Roemer’s Book on Spilotro: Review


Albert “Caeser” Tocco
Involvement in the Laborers’ Union

James “The Turk” Torello (Deceased)

Santo Trafficante (Deceased)
The Boss of Miami and Dallas
Involvement in the JFK Murder AnchorAnchorAnchorAnchorAnchor

Pierre Zonis, Mob Tied Chicago Cop Profile
1997 Crime Commission Report that IDs Zonis


The Mob Pals,
Pols & hangouts. . . 

Las Vegas Casinos & Mob Past
Short profiles of some casinos

Edward T. Hanley,
Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union President
Profile of Mob Connections
Laborers’ Union Stories — On the Labor Relations Web Page

Vincent M. Iaccino III
Profile/Cicero Writer/Flak

Infelise Associate John LaGiglio
Involvement with Cicero Insurance

Cicero Town President Betty Maltese
Her Rise as a Mafia Princess
Mafia Princess to Axe Cop Force — April 1997

Suburban Gambling Operation:
The Good Ship Lollipop: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Mobster Paul Spano’s brother Mike Spano
Involvement with Cicero

Allen “The Genius” Glick


Lexicon of the Mob . . . Back<

Mobsters have a lexicon of their own, a code and also a style of speaking. The significance of this lexicon can be serious, though, as is displayed in this angry outburst by now jailed mobster Solly DeLaurentis in a telephone conversation with gambler-turned- government informer William “B.J.” Jahoda:
“Don’t refer to me as the boss or f—ing you’re in
charge, you’re the chief. Don’t tell me that!”

DeLaurentis did not want Jahoda referring to him as a “boss” on a unsecured telephone line that could be — and was — tapped by the FBI.

The Arm … the Oufit
Away … to be in jail.
Beef … to tattle tale, squeal, rat on someone.
Beefer … Someone who beefs. See Beefers Web Page.
Black Robe … description of a judge or magistrate.
Boss … designation given to the head of a neighborhood crew.
Caporegime …lieutenant in a New York mob family. Usually not used
in reference to a Chicago hood.
Dime … one thousand dollars.
G … the government in every form (FBI, Justice Dept. etc.)
Good People … a term used by the mob or corrupt cops to indicate that
an individual was someone they could wheel and deal with. In Chicago mostly.
Gumod … girlfriend of a mobster.
Juice … interest on a loan from a usurer.
Made Guy … Someone who is officially a member of the Outfit or Mob.
Muscle … the enforcer, or enforcers who use violence.
Nickel … $500 in mob parlance.
Officer Friendly … supposedly a police officer who tipped the Ferriola
Street Crew off on police raids. Said to be fabricated, by some
but allegedly a police officer in Mundelein.
Outfit … the name of Chicago’s mob organization.
Potzo … Italian for Crazy.
Spot … another term for “boss.”
Street Crew … group of underlings who take orders from a Boss.
Usually, but not always involved in organized criminal activity.
Street tax … fee paid to the Outfit by an independent gambler.
Trunk Music … to be murdered and put in a trunk.
Where the corpse usually ends up. The “music” is the sound
of the flesh rotting in the trunk, according to Rocco Infelise who described it
to FBI mole William B.J. Jahoda, who was wired.

Turban … crack someone’s head open, as in “Give him a turban.”
As opposed to whacking someone.
Vig … (vigorish) the interest on a loan.
Whack … to kill someone.
“Whiskers” … alleged mob mole who infiltrated the FBI. Said to have been
a fake offered by Rocco Infelise to keep his crew in line.
Wise Guyz … a member of a crew who is not a Made Guy.